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Need a tool for analyzing TCP socket communications?  Socket Workbench is an awesome tool only $200USD.

Submit your software to 50 shareware sites for just $99AUD (or $86USD)

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about our shareware submission service and take a look at our list of clients.

Want to do it yourself?  Be sure to read our Tips page.

Still shopping around? Take a look at our competitor's page to compare other software submission services with us!

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Submitting software to shareware sites is very time consuming.  There are literally hundreds of shareware sites (over 900 last count!) and each site has a slightly different method of submitting your program information.  Some sites require a username and password that you choose while others e-mail you a special password.  Because of this variation, most commercially available software submission programs simply cannot work for every different site.  Even the best ones require a visit to every site, not to mention the time consuming registration process for those sites that require you to login.

Choosing a software submission service is not without problems also.  Software submission services that claim to submit to 1000's of archives for only a small fee are cutting corners somewhere.  Read the fine print at these sites, or take a look at our competitor's page.  This will help you if you are still shopping around!

Having your software visible is the only way of making sales.  The more shareware sites your software is listed with, the more downloads you will get and the more sales that will follow.  If you donít have weeks to spend on submitting software, then maybe we can be of help.

We are a professional shareware submission service and we take as much care with your software as you would.  If you are not satisfied with our shareware submission service then we will give you your money back.  Just contact us and we will explain, or read on...

Once you have submitted your program, the work doesnít stop there.  Checking whether your program has been listed and keeping a record of all the sites it has been submitted to can take weeks or even months.  With this job it does not pay to cut corners.

Other software submission services will simply submit your software without verifying any of the details or checking up that your software has been listed.  They also do not provide a list of all the sites that it has been listed with, and the username/password for those sites so that you can edit the information yourself.

For more details look at our range of services or simply contact us now.  Even if we cannot help you, we may be able to point you in the right direction.  We also have a great Tips page for shareware authors.

So if you have free, commercial or shareware software to promote then this is THE place.  You will not be disappointed - guaranteed.


Professional Shareware Submission Service


What we offer:

A complete check of all your program information before submission.

PAD file generation.

Submission of your software to up to 900* shareware sites.

A report containing a detailed listing of all the sites your program has been submitted to, including the username and passwords for sites which require you to log in. 

Update reports detailing where and when your program has been listed and any download statistics.

Update of your software's listings when new versions of your software are released.

Suggestions for Web page optimization.

Web site hyperlink verification report.

*Note: The number of sites submitted to depends on what type of software you have and which package you choose.  See our pricing page for package prices and details.


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